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Unita (The Best Of, CD)

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A curious trajectory for Nicola, Dominique, Stéphane and Dimitri, for whom it all began one evening in 1981, at Rose Bonbon, the trendy Parisian club of the New Wave years... Pale faces, bloody lips, unstructured costumes, exotic synths and bouncy rhythms : all the essence and style of Indochina were already there. Hit after hit, these four, in whom some saw only a pale copy of the Cure “Made In France”, nevertheless gained increasing rock recognition. Putting Telephone to the post, they won the title of first French group in 1985 with the album “3” ( “3rd sex” , “Canary Bay” , “3 nights per week” , “Salômbo” …), followed by the most controversial “7000 Dances” (1987). Even Gainsbourg, always on the lookout for a good media stunt, teamed up with them for the “Tes yeux noirs” clip. The quartet, which became a trio, following the departure of Dimitri, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a “Birthday Album” . But the success of this compilation was not enough to halt the inevitable decline or impose the following album, “Un jour dans notre vie” (1993), although successful and innovative. Will “Unita” reopen the doors to success in Indochina?