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Nuits intimes (CD)

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The result of three days and three nights of recording from November 11 to 13, 2000 at Studio Davout with around fifty fans, this acoustic record (which follows two years of Dancetaria Tour electric concerts and a few weeks of acoustic shows) is located mid- path between live and studio album. Big pop. This transitional album between Dancetaria and the next one is, above all, a sublime (and rare, in the genre) tribute to the group's fans. Let's say it straight away: everyone can buy it! There are indeed different and often exciting versions of rare titles and some hits like “Tes yeux noirs” or “Juste toi et moi” . Magical, deeply moving arrangements and sincerity of interpretation are the glue of this very beautiful album. Subtly perched between “unplugged” and electric nuances, these reinterpretations of the popular and enigmatic poetry of Nicola Sirkis and Indochina are also a faithful reflection of the end of their last tour. The best things always prevail in the end.

Nuits intimes (CD)
Nuits intimes (CD) Sale price6,99€