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Black City Parade (CD)

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Released in February 2013, the resolutely modern and luminous twelfth studio album recorded between Paris / Brussels / Berlin / Tokyo / New York will provide the group's most impressive tour supported by the singles « Memoria »« College Boy »« Black City Parade »« Belfast » et « Traffic Girl ». Black City Parade has sold 280,000 copies.


  1. Black ouverture
  2. Black City Parade
  3. College Boy
  4. Memoria
  5. Le fond de l’air est rouge
  6. Wuppertal
  7. Le messie
  8. Belfast
  9. Traffic Girl
  10. Thea sonata
  11. Anyway
  12. Nous demain
  13. Kill Nico
  14. Europane ou le dernier bal

Recorded and mixed between Paris - Berlin - Brussels - New York. It will arrive this February 11, 2013. With Oli de Sat directing and Nicola Sirkis. Mixed by Shane Stoneback (Cults, Vampire Weekend). Of 40 titles written, only 13 + 3 bonuses will remain. And this time, no duo, like in the 3 previous albums, but just Nicola and Oli writing and Indochine. With the voice of Valérie Rouzeau at the opening of this parade of the black city reading a text by Mireille Havet. For the first time all the pieces will be played and recorded live in Brussels and sung in different cities and studios. For the first time the group lets itself be filmed during its 14 months, from the first notes to the final mixing. All the texts are written by Nicola Sirkis with participation from Mathieu (Lescop) on “Trafic Girl” , he who had already co-written “Les Portes du Soir” in 2006 on the A&J album. Then Tom Smith from the group “The Editors” offers a bonus to this album with a magnificent song “The Lover” . BLACK CITY PARADE will be built, will be written between moments and agitated moments, far away, in Tokyo, and then calmer towards Bordeaux and then again in Berlin. This album is 14 months of stages, of inspiring cities: Paris / Brussels / Berlin / Tokyo / New York and others. Because in every city, night or day, it is the parade of human comedy. There are the good and the bad, the rich and the poor, happy or sad people, the living and the undead, births and burials, noise or silence, anger or joy, suffering and of love, sex and anti-sex, homophobia and racism, art and monuments, religions and devils. All these feelings and moments of life, gathered in a few km², the city or cosmopolitan life. And then we will add cities like Belfast to describe the infidelity that Sylvia Path discovers, “Wuppertal” , directly inspired by the film “Les Rêves Dansants” and especially for Pina Bausch, then “The bottom of the air is red” , on Quebec's red spring. “College boy” and homophobia in boarding houses or schools, and this new “Messiah” arriving in New York. The girls in blue uniforms in Pyongyang in North Korea who regulate traffic that does not exist in “Traffic girl” “Memoria”, the raw and incredible emotion that emerges, a historical piece perhaps. And again the rest “Kill Nico” , “We tomorrow” , “Anyway” , “Europane” . Nicola confides in the film about her texts: “I don't tell stories, I just talk about my feelings”. States of soul that will touch people.

Black City Parade (CD)
Black City Parade (CD) Sale price6,99€