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Black City Concerts (DVD, 2015)

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On June 26, 2010, Indochine made history by being the first French group to fill the Stade de France. 4 years later, the group repeats this feat this time with two exceptional shows, on June 27 and 28, 2014: the Black City Concerts. 57 semi-trailers which will transport the sets and the technique, more than 700 technicians mobilized, 550 m² of screens, 450 m² of surface mapping and 25,000 Watt of sound power. Without forgetting a new stage 80 m wide and penetrating the lawn for 50 m, as well as a cascade of special and new effects.

Filmed both evenings, day, night, in the rain, a scene in the shape of a city of the future which comes to life little by little, an innovative camera system, intimate on stage and in the audience or spectacular with a spider cam crossing the entire stadium, the Black City Concerts are 2.5 hours of show, enhanced with interactive menus, a unique making-of which makes these 2 concerts the apotheosis of a tour of more than 80 dates in front of more than 800,000 spectators.

“With the audience we have and what happened at our first stadium in 2010, then yes, we can make concerts in a stadium incredibly strong and moving. Whether we are on the lawn at the back, near the front or far away, the entire stadium audience will be in communion,” declared Nicola Sirkis.

Black City Concerts (DVD, 2015)
Black City Concerts (DVD, 2015) Sale price19,99€