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13 (Collector's Box - Deluxe Edition)

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35 years of existence, 10 million albums sold, multi-generational group (« J’ai demandé à la lune »« Trois nuits par semaine »« L’aventurier »« 3e sexe »« Alice & June »« Tes yeux noirs », « College Boy », …): Indochine is THE indisputable French rock group.

The legendary band led by Nicola Sirkis returns on September 8 with a new album, “13” , composed of 13 unreleased tracks + 2 bonuses. Unveiled live on June 8 on the show Quotidien , the first single “La vie est belle” was directly ranked 1st in the Top Downloads list and was immediately the best French-speaking entry at Yacast the week of its release.

This 13th studio album is jointly produced by Nicola and Oli de Sat. Over several months, the pieces of the puzzle of this new album, the most mysterious and captivating from Indochina, came together. Some prestigious guests participate in this new opus as co-authors, performers or co-composers. The mixing was done in Los Angeles in the personal studio of Mick Guzauski (Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, Jamiroquai, Talking Heads) and the mastering was done by Chab (Daft Punk, Air, Kavinsky, Woodkid, etc.).

Erwin Olaf, one of the greatest contemporary photographers, created the cover for this new recording.

The music video for « La vie est belle » is directed by Asia Argento.

This box contains:

  • The album “13” in Deluxe Disc book (2CD) with 13 tracks + 4 bonus tracks + 4 remixes;
  • A 28-page booklet;
  • The photobook notebook with 20 detachable postcards;
  • The “13” scarf;
  • The group poster;
  • 5 “13” balloons.
13 (Collector's Box - Deluxe Edition)
13 (Collector's Box - Deluxe Edition) Sale price39,99€